March 14, 2015

Privacy Policy


The Privacy Policy for this website is currently a work-in-progress.

Obviously, if you register for this website, we will be collecting your email address.  We will use that email address as we see fit to enhance the user experience.

We employ security plugins to slow or block brute force attacks.

We are not collecting any credit card, bank account, social security, or financial information on this website.  We are not spying on you.  Instead, we are making our best effort to keep the hackers and spammers out of this website.  If your account gets hacked, the most they should get from you is your username, profile name, email address, and password.  Obviously, the hackers would be able to post under your account until you change your password.  Create a reasonably complex password, and it will slow them down or block them altogether.  We are not responsible for data losses should your account be hacked.

Obviously, if you choose to post material on this website, it will be visible to the world and anyone who chooses to access this website.  You retain the copyright to your material.  We claim the right to link to your material and/or to quote you if you inspire us greatly, and we would ask that you grant to anyone else who comes here the same privilege.  We intend to sticky the best material to the top of each forum and topic so that people can find it more easily.  We want anyone who registers here to automatically be “Friends” with everyone else who registers here, so we intend to try to keep everything that is done here public for the benefit of all.  We did turn on the private messaging system so that you can strike up a private conversation with another member of this community if you desire to do so.

Feel free to register for this website.  Know that you must click the link that is emailed to you after the registration process, in order to activate your user account.  If you don’t click that link, your account won’t be activated.  Therefore, you must provide a real email address in order to receive the activation link and have your account activated.  Spammers typically do not provide a real email address because they don’t want to get spammed in return; therefore, requiring that our users provide a real email address in order to get their User Account activated is one of the steps we take to reduce the spam on this website.

This isn’t our first time at bat.  It was interesting to notice how quickly this site was hit by the spambots (users with strange or dead email addresses, bogus names, and the inability to complete the registration process by clicking the email that they receive).  As the number of inactive users started to pile up, we employed Anti-Spam technology; and, it will be interesting to see the number of inactive users and incomplete registrations drop towards zero.  It was time.  This site already has a ton of registered users, but only a few that are active and in good-standing.

If you are having difficulties with any of this, you can contact us using the “Get in Touch” form at the bottom of our “Zarif” home page.  That’s something that the spambots are incapable of doing.



Be Excellent to Each Other,

The Powers That Be

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